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Sedona Journal Of Emergence
October 2005 Article Submission


Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We are honored to be with you today, in your Now moment, sharing our energies with you. Though this article was written in mid-August for publication in October, it is a single, individual moment we share with each reader. No matter when your eyes meet this page, it is right and appropriate for you.

As the summer's divine energy surges begin to create a new, heavier balance, many people are feeling the effects. Even those who have cleaned out their closets, parted with those who held them back, and found their life's mission, they are also feeling it. Tired much, lately, hmmm? (Chuckles). For five years we have been teaching you how to clear your bodies of internal pressures, and why you need to do so. So we offer you a warning that you will soon begin to see and feel the ramifications of not clearing and cleansing enough.

We do not intend to instill fear, but rather to offer hope and aid. It is not too late! Think back to the year 2000, five years ago. Where were you, what were you doing, and how did you feel? The earth's shifting energies were much lighter back then, with highs and lows that allowed you to "get through it." Now, the energies are beginning to thicken, to press upon your senses, opening you to stimuli from levels that were once unattainable. Dear ones, as the earth ascends and you rise along with her, what do you think will happen?

You will begin to feel your auras as clearly as you now feel your bodies.

It is a backwards blessing that most people cannot see their energetic fields. If you could clearly see all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual "baggage" or damage that you carry (i.e. etheric blockages) it would probably scare you. Indeed, many holistic practitioners pray to have Outer Sight as well as Inner Sight, but they do not realize that if they could see what they are truly working on, they may not want to lay hands on it! Even though the Shift is escalating very quickly now, the unfurling of your senses must occur at a slow, graceful pace so as not to cause you any harm.

Yes, your auras will become palpable, and eventually visible. What do you think the "glow" around Jesus and other religious figures truly was? Their auras, clean and shining, vibrating at such a higher level that a golden band was visible around their bodies. Yes, your earliest artists' renditions of haloes were just that, wide bands of golden light stretching up around the body, over the head and back down again. In later centuries, it became stylized as a golden ring above the head is not quite accurate, but the message was still there.

Some people will clear themselves enough to rise and glow gracefully, in their own time. Others will succumb to their internal pressures, and seem to sicken quickly as these last seven years roll by. No matter what the circumstance, be it glad or sad, please remember that it is all lesson. Some are leaving in a hurry, to come back in again as a more evolved human baby! That, too, is a real accomplishment, dear ones, make no mistake. You will eventually find comfort in the higher perspective, for once you are grounded in unconditional love, nothing will put you off-balance ever again. The peace you achieve by finding and melding with your own inner divine flame, nobody can take away from you. Once you have donned that mantle of mastery, nothing beyond it truly matters. You will find that life is just as it should be!

That is why we offer to work with you, in your own time and space, to gracefully prepare you for the new incoming dimensions. Yes, a bit like teaching a fish how to walk, yes? (Chuckles). Yes, for you it can be like walking into the ocean and being told to breathe, it's OK, the water is now your air. You will not drown. You will learn to swim as gracefully as you know how to walk! Imagine the fear you would have, as the water closed over your head, and you had to let out that precious oxygen and take a deep breath of water.

While this may not be a good analogy, being in a different dimension is akin to this image, and the fears that may rise can be as all-pervasive as your inherent fear of drowning. Remember, you are Spirit hard-wired into a physical core, and your core programming is survival of the body. That is why we say, practice, practice, practice! Whatever your mode of meditation, whether sedentary or active, please start doing it every day. Spend time exploring your inner world, get used to being an expanded consciousness just floating, learn to get rid of your accumulated pain and stress. Take the time to replenish your auric field with Universal Energy as yes, care and maintenance of the aura will become crucial as you begin to discover its existence and see clearly what needs to be healed.

In the Circle of Grace clearing meditation, we offer you a simple, easy method of connecting, of clearing, of replenishing. All the while we are working on your physical core, we are also working with you at a higher conceptual level. An hour a day, if you can manage it, will show you such results! Those of you who exercise regularly are doing your clearing in an active way. When a few days go by without exercise, doesn't your body start to "itch" for that release? Yes! You will grow to rely on your clearing sessions in the same way. If you have no time during the day, you can slip into a Circle of Grace session as you are falling asleep, and know that the work will continue all night.

Dear Ones, as the energies rise all facets of your lives will increase in intensity. Yes, the increasing intensity of life was the subject of our last article (Sedona Journal, September 2005 issue). When we say all facets, we mean all of the good, and all of the bad, will come up for attention. Your levels of drama and lesson will increase. If you are not tending to them, you will reach crisis mode and be caught unprepared. You say, "Hindsight is cheap." Well, we heartily agree! Why wait to look back and say to yourself, I should have done this and that at an earlier time, and I wouldn't have reached this impasse. We also gently point out that the sooner you start clearing and cleaning, the better you will be able to handle the rising influx of dimensional shifting.

Not only will your bodies be affected, but the emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your aura will also react to the increased external pressures. Yes, all the PEMS baggage you are carrying will become heavier, and you will feel it more clearly. Also, take into account what happens when a population becomes psychically advanced beyond what they were used to then your emotions will be easily read, your thoughts will be accessible to others, even your level of faith is reflected in flickering colors within your electromagnetic field. You who are so particular about your hair, makeup and nail coloring, what will you do once you see your true field? Oh, dear ones, there's no concealing makeup for that! (Chuckles.)

At first, you will feel a gentle confusion, a "fuzziness" of the senses as you begin to catch glimpses and snippets of the other dimensions around you. Yes, the "fine-tuning" of your connection to these new frequencies requires that you clear your bodies! Start listening to your intuition. That is your auric information coming from a level that your physical senses cannot yet perceive. Yes, turn left down a side street just because, and find out later that you avoided a half-hour traffic jam! Yes, look for your phone when somebody pops into your head, and when it starts ringing you'll surely find it!

When your gut twists into a nauseating knot at the thought of doing something, reconsider! When you meet someone who seems nice but makes your skin crawl and your teeth clench, pay attention! That is an incompatible energy that does not resonate with your personal field. We only ask that you "follow your instincts" at all times! That is being guided by Spirit and your own Higher Self. That is living in the Now. That is being fully planted in ascension status, just like small children are.

Dear holistic practitioners, we say this to you: "You learn by teaching, and you teach by listening." Yes, we use many sayings already within your lexicon, to simplify our messages and yet hope to teach you a lot in the small space we have allotted to us here. Helping somebody reach their highest potential, at all PEMS levels, is the greatest soul purpose anyone currently incarnated can have. Yet, your best work is accomplished by example! So many of you have gone through piles of lessons, wringing your hands and asking, "Why me, Lord? Why did I get the kitchen sink life?" (Chuckles.) Because, dear ones, no matter who gets on your holistic table, you will understand their plight. You can say, "Been there, done that, and survived well, thank you very much!" Your example will ignite hope in others, and will show them the myriad paths that all lead to the one goal of coming Home.

What do we mean by "coming Home?" If you were in this instant to be transported before the throne of All That Is, your little bodies would be burned to a crisp. That level of energy is the penultimate of All Love, and any lesser energy cannot survive before it. Yet, you have the penultimate spiritual set-up going on and the ride is guaranteed, the full energies of the Photon Belt will lock in the shift, and all you are asked to do is be free of all your baggage so as to have a smoother journey! Yes, (chuckles) probably the first trip you've ever been asked NOT to pack for!

The best way to learn to live in the Now? When you rise each day, make a mental commitment to enjoy yourself, no matter what happens. Sounds silly and too simple, right? Well, that's our trademark! Keeping it simple allows you to stay flexible to all the myriad choices around you. Metaphysics is a non-religion that replaces religion in that you are asked to believe in yourself! Strange concept? Yet it erases the separation between human and divine, which has been in your way for thousands of years. The idea that you are "lesser than" God allows you to avoid taking responsibility for all of your thoughts and deeds. Being born "evil" and needing absolution from another human being acting as an intermediary for God is part of the old, fear-based paradigm of faith. Any religions that preach fear and punishment, or advocate killing as just retribution, have strayed far from God's true will: Give and receive only Love.

Do you understand why these lessons are now being played out at the global level? Yes, all levels of the human consciousness must be cleansed, from the personal-individual to the societal-cultural-global levels. If every man, woman and child were to begin some kind of meditative practice, how quickly the world would change!

We have often been asked if the Circle of Grace would extend the human life-span. Yes, indeed, yes! Teach a small child how to clear and re-energize him/herself, and that child will easily live an extra fifty years. Once whole societies adopt the thorough clearing of their auras, your lifespan will jump to an average of two hundred years. This will become clearly evident over your next three generations!

So much will change once 5D is fully reached. Your sciences will quickly change, because many things won't work, or work differently in the new energies! You will make "astounding" advances in medicine, math, etc─ all led by the expansion of quantum physics. Yes, we chuckle with delight that you are absorbing the concept of "11 possible dimensions", for that will open the way to all the rest. Dear ones, why does space seem so vast and empty to you? Because you are only looking from and into the 3rd dimension! You are searching with equipment only calibrated to receive one small bandwidth of frequencies! It's akin to looking in the AM band for a music station, while all the music is being broadcast from the FM band!

Now that the Internet has spread a web of true interpersonal communication around the globe, you are all living in each others' backyards. You share in all the news as it's happening, and life has gotten much more complex. That is why we keep urging you to simplify, simplify, because the complexities around you will keep increasing. Pick your battles carefully, decide where your energy will be best spent, and know to stop and rest when your body tells you it has had enough. What slips away first for all people is the precious, quiet "me" time, the rest time, the time you need to care of yourself. Despite the increasing demands of daily life, you must take time to care for your own vehicle!

Remember, if you are divine Be-ings incarnate in flesh, that body is the temple that houses your piece of God. How are you caring for your divine vehicle? In energetic terms, the body naturally clears itself at night, while you sleep, in the releasing patterns of the Circle of Grace flows we have outlined. All the "debris" or "excreta" of your auric layers is designed to be flushed out through the physical core. At night, your relaxed, even breathing and slack jaw allows the body to release internal pressure (stress and pain) down through the body, the arms and legs, and out the hands and feet. We are teaching you this process to hasten your progress, at all levels. Yes, the body must pee and poop, and the aura must cleanse itself, too! (Chuckles, that is why we call you children!)

Dear angels, when you first came down onto this planet, you were much lighter etheric beings. You breathed in energy through the crown chakra for all your body layers. Once this planet passes through the peak ascension energies, much of that memory, and more, will come back to you. You will be fully connected, both physical and auric, and there will be no more need for the Veil of Forgetfulness. There will be no more need for judgment, for conditional love, for fear. You fear the unknown, and that is part of your hard-core wiring, yes, so that you would stay "in body" for the full journey. Once you have fully merged with 5D, the unknown will become known! Your fears will be revealed as empty posturing, so many lessons will be instantly resolved. And we will joyously step forward to greet you, finally, in the True Reality of Spirit, and give you a big hug hello!

We would like to offer you one last idea to chew on, to work out and make your own. Why do we, and many other metaphysical sources, focus so much on "being in the Now"? There are so many levels to each concept, dear ones. Superficially, you are asked to keep your awareness focused on what is going on around you. That is so you may keep all of your energies converged on a point of focus, rather than scattered as people normally are. Those mental loops that capture your attention, old fights and frustrations, current worries and future fears, all take so much energy that you cannot be in the Now until you break those negative mind habits. Those loops take you from your conscious mind into the subconscious, where all your faulty belief systems are programmed. Yes, you can be driving down the road and replaying an old argument in your head with so-and-so. Or you can drive and be enjoying the trip, the weather, the flowers, and looking forward to where you are going.

All of those negative loops cause your body chemistry to shift into a less effective state. Get angry at your mother-in-law, though she died five years ago, and your body chemistry will be adversely affected for six hours. Find a happy focus for your awareness, and you boost that same body chemistry into higher function for six hours. Until you have created better mental habits, you will constantly see-saw back and forth emotionally. This will not allow you to access and sustain a higher physical vibration!

So, a simple phrase like "being in the Now" has many layers of meaning. Yes, you could even assign it physical, emotional, mental and spiritual meanings! (Chuckles.)

At the physical level, it means keeping your conscious awareness and all of your senses focused on the current moment. At the emotional level, it means a conscious choice that you make to pick lighter, brighter, happier feelings, and disallow negative feelings to take control. At the mental level, it means both training your awareness to remain present, (rather than dwelling on past or future) and choosing a higher perspective from which to view all that is happening around you. At the spiritual level, it means appreciating all that is around you as being perfect, a second-by-second gift of life from Creator Source.

Do you follow?

We hope you will!

We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light.

© Copyright 2005 by Edna G. Frankel

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